About Our Company

Afrostar Agroprod (K) Ltd is a private company registered under Kenya’s company’s act chapter 468; registration took place on October 2012.

We are leading meat exporter based in Nairobi, Kenya. The company has been in the meat export ( both fresh and live) business since 1995 when the company’s humble beginnings started in Ethiopia under the business name Safi Meat Exporters.

In the 2009, the company moved to Kenya where it continued to carry on its core business to local and export markets. We boast of an experience having been operating in the meat export industry more than two decades.

We are trusted and reliable supplier of beef, goat, mutton and camel meat to both local and overseas markets.

Afrostar Agroprod (K) Ltd also involved in exportation of fresh Fruits, Vegetables and Herbs. It is based at the Horticultural crop directorate. The company is led by directors who have been involved in  the horticulture industry and have combined experience of more than 20 years.



To passionately provide Kenya’s finest products that meet international standards, satisfies and surpasses our customers’ need and expectation


Be among the leading producers of African goods that are recognized for high quality accompanied with excellent service.

Business Objectives

The company’s major objective is to be a reliable and profitable source of horticultural and other products both for domestic and export markets.

Core values

That we will provide quality goods and services and do everything possible to achieve this.

We will always set and abide by high business and ethical standards. Our zeal to develop strong relations with those we deal with based on trust and respect will be uncompromised

Our work process will consistently be peppered with dose of high level of teamwork and team synergy and our staff will be consistently exposed to the ethos of team spirit.

Being in the food industry, we recognize the important job we have given ourselves. We will always handle all our products with the greatest respect with the knowledge that our customers deserve no less. To do so, hygiene will not just be a must, but part of our life

In our endeavor to search for continuous improvement in the processes and products that will satisfy our customers, we will encourage our team members to take calculated risks. Further, we will train our members on ways of accepting responsibilities for what they do. This will form the basis of continuously keeping our customers satisfied.

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